2021 03 06 - Young BFAS - Resident Research, Undertaught topics, Online consultation

06/03/202106/03/2021  (09:00 - 12:00 ) Zoom meeting

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At this second young BFAS meeting, foot and ankle oriented residents and early started foot and ankle surgeons will present their scientific activities. They will discuss some clinical problems they felt underthaught about. New generations bring new technologies for example online consultations, but is this a good evolution?


9:00 Homemade Coffee + Introduction
9:05 Correction of ankle varus deformity using supramalleolar osteotomy assessed by a Autogenerated measurements. - Arne Burssens
9:15 Morphometric assessment of syndesmotic ankle lesions using WBCT - Matthias Peiffer
9:25 Syme Amputation: an eligible limb saving alternative in a diabetic population - Charles Deltour
9:35 Residual Complaints After an Ankle Sprain, Incidence and Consequences: A Systematic Review - Heline Wastyn Discussion 15 minutes

I felt undertaught about...
10:00 Pediatric fractures in foot and ankle - Barbara Favier
10:10 Pediatric toe anomalies - Eva Schenkels
10:20 Small Diabetic ulcera - Joris Robberecht
Discussion 10 minutes

New technologies, good or bad? - Ethics
10:40 Online consultation Pros - Lintz?
10:55 Online consultation Cons - Laurens De Cock
Discussion 20 minutes

Case presentations
11:15 Discuss cases, you can send in cases you want to discuss in advance.
Duration 45 minutes

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Meeting ID: 953 3616 3471
Passcode: 428236


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