1st Antwerp Foot & Ankle Course with Cadaveric Dissection

Dear Colleague,

On Friday 19 October the 1st Antwerp Foot & Ankle Course with Cadaveric Dissection will take place at the Antwerp University.

Below you can find a tentative programme. The aim to have have each pair of surgeon working on the same specimen the entire day.

Thanks to the collaboration of different companies you will have the opportunity to perform several techniques and compare different products.

Tentative Programme


09.00   Lisfranc fusion : Dorsal plates, plantar plates, screws

10.00   Naviculo-cuneiform fusion

11.00   Tendon transfers to midfoot: TA to lateral, FDL to navicular

12.30   Lunch


Peritalar pathology

14.00   Double calcaneus osteotomy – Scarf calcaneus osteotomy

15.00   Deltoid ligament reconstruction – lateral ankle ligament reconstruction

16.00   Triple arthrodesis

17.00   Ankle fusion : traditional, Blair type

In collaboration with